Thursday, August 9, 2012


There will be another song for me
For I will sing it
There will be another dream for me
Someone will bring it

("MacArthur Park", Richard Harris)

Well, I came downstairs this morning and welcomed the day with a nice cup of coffee with vanilla creamer in it. I was feeling a little better about things. So I took my coffee to my knitting chair with the intention of working on a crazy pair of psychedelic socks I'm knitting. I knit my socks simultaneously so that they are finished together and I can avoid "Second Sock Syndrome".

Anyway, I sat down to my enjoyable task. I opened the vinyl Namaste knitting bag the socks were in to retrieve both of them. I had cut their yarns into long tails in order to add new colors to each.  But I couldn't find one of the socks......

After quickly scanning around my knitting area to see if I misplaced it I panicked. Where was that stupid sock? I must have searched the area's every inch, high and low, muttering to myself things like "where in the hell is that damn sock?" or "when I find that sock I'm going to punish it by frogging it within an inch of its life...."

I looked all around my knitting chair and thoroughly through the things on my knitting side table. And I also looked thoroughly through the mass of knitting things underneath the table. I even lifted my heavy knitting chair to see it was under there! I was asking myself over and over: WHAT in the hell had happened to that sock?

And then I saw it.......


That little snip had stolen my sock! And it was a good sock because it was the first time I had ever successfully knitted a toe-up sock (I had only recently learned the technique).  And I asked myself HOW in the HECK had she gotten inside the Namaste bag?

I tried to catch her but she was too fast for me.

Since I always talk to her in "baby talk", I found myself talking ridiculously to her in baby talk--- even though she was in trouble and I was totally ANGRY with her!!!

"Now give the sockee to Mommy, Little LuLu!"

And then.....

" Dammit!  Give the damn sock to her or she will 'pank you....."

But the baby talk didn't work. And she wasn't afraid of being 'panked.  And she wasn't going to give up that sock.

She even showed off her "Dancing Tyrannosaurus Rex" skills---a thing that used to crack me up but was irking me no end at this particular moment...

Well.....shit fire and save matches, dammit.

I'm going to have to knit another sock. Because even if I got this sock back it would be saturated with cat spit and the yarn totally tangled up....



  1. Hi Susie,
    I take it you live in the KC area. I live in Nall Hills in Overland Park. It's south of 95th
    and 1 blk west of Nall. Are you anywhere near this area? I love your little black cat, Lulu.
    She is so cute with your poor sock. Looked like it was going to be really cute. I have a cat, Pepper, who will chew my yarn in half if I don't watch out. My email address is

  2. she's having such a good time with it!

    she was sure you made it just for her, an honest mistake:~} it's a cat/wool thing!

    cool socks though, I'm sure you can whip up another in no time!

  3. Hi Anonymous:
    Yes, you live extremely close to me. We could meet sometime at Yarn Shoppe and More and take our knitting and pet the yarns. There's always somebody knitting there. Email me your phone number and I can call ya!

  4. Hi Robin! Oh she had such a good time with it that I didn't have the heart to be mad. She cavorted with that thing for along while so I guess she's got herself a new "toy". Our cats never play with the stuff we buy them---they always play with the stuff that you DON'T want them to play with!

  5. I think that was very nice of you to knit LuLu a new 'rodent' to kill! My cats (2 of them) love my winter knitting with wool also so I have to make sure to put it away. I have made them wool mice which they love and sometime I even stuff them with catnip. LuLu really has that 'killer instinct'!!!

  6. Sandy: I think I'll make some things like you made---and hopefully that will keep her away from my knitting. But I do secure it better now!