Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yay! We Got The Call!!!

We got the call!  The pedigreed Ragdoll kitten that we put a deposit on is finally ready for us to go get!  The breeders are an Amish couple in the largest Amish community in Kansas and Missouri.  It's hours away from us.  We are so exited to get this kitten, but we're also excited to view another culture and their community!

Blaine has claimed the rights to name this kitten and he says he won't know what to name her "until he sees her"....sigh....I suggested Gwendolyn, Little Layla, Princess Rags, Vanilla Puddin', Little Babycakes, etc.  But he just gets bristly as a porcupine and says: "I am the one naming this kitten so quit suggesting names.  I'm leaning towards Precious because she costs so damn much."

Well, so I've been silenced!

But whatever her name will be, this means I will be raising two kittens---Little Lu-Lu and the unnamed Ragdoll.  And the Ragdoll is much younger than Little Lu-Lu so she will take some extra help and protection until she can hold her own.  But our hope is that she will become a playmate for Little Lu-Lu since our 6 year old cat is too rough and doesn't like to be bothered by a frisky kitten.  

And we still don't know what, from the picture, the Ragdoll's coloring might be.  She has "points" on her tail and ears and some slight color on her face--- and a blaze across her back.  If any of you know Ragdolls and determining coloring, I would welcome any information.  (Please!)  But it doesn't really matter because we have wanted a Ragdoll for so long, and Blaine finally buckled down and paid the $1,000.  (Yikes!)

We're going to go get her on Saturday.  We will have to get up very early as we have to be at the Amish couple's house at 9am.  They said it was because of a "family gathering".  And they said it was "not possible" to conduct the buy on Sunday.  I don't really know why.  I didn't ask questions of anything because I felt it would be rude of me.  (Also, their answering machine says something about their business having something to do with "harnesses".  So I'm hoping to see some horses.)

Anyhoo, if anybody knows about Ragdoll coloring, would you please leave a comment or give me your email address?  My email address is on the right sidebar.  Thank you!  Also, I'm going to be at the mental health center today until 3:30pm so I won't be able to read my emails till then.

(Will keep you all posted about the kitty.)


  1. I am SOOoooooo jealous! I love the Ragdolls too and have one on my bucket list! But at that cost it will have to stay a dream! Enjoy!
    When I was working (in a retirement home) one of our residents had one she brought with her when she moved in. The cat was such a joy to have around and so loving towards her owner to the end. She was rehomed after that.

  2. Don't know a thing about Ragdolls, but I do know that Amish do not conduct business of any sort on Sundays, it's part of their religion. They will conduct business Monday through Saturday, but no Sundays. Around here, they will have as part of their sign announcing what they sell that there are no Sunday sales. I used to have an Amish friend that while they would use their tractor to get to work in town & such the rest of the week, they wouldn't even use it on Sundays - it was horse & buggy that day.

    Good thing about having 2 kittens at once, to me at least, it that unlike dogs, they don't take a lot of box training! It just seems to come natural. We had 4 at once when an adopted cat turned out to not be fixed, but instead was barely pg!

  3. It could be that the Amish will be having their church service on Sunday. I understand they have church at home every other Sunday, rotating between the families in their area. It's kind of like church followed by dinner on the ground. The alternate Sunday is for visiting family, etc.

    Wendy Knits has a ragdoll. She has lots of pictures of her cat on her blog so you might want to look at them.

  4. Thanks you guys! I'm glad to hear how sweet-natured Ragdolls are. And even though I did try to read up on the Amish, it didn't tell me everything and I'm so very curious about their culture. And also, I'm glad to hear that about the box training! I had good luck with Little Lu-Lu and I'm hoping it will go as smoothly with the new little Ragdoll kitten, bless her little heart at having to be the smallest one in our household! (I will check on Wendy Knits' site to see her cat.)
    Bo :)