Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beer For My Cats....

She said: "I'm gonna' hire a wino
to decorate our home,
"So you'll feel more at ease here,
and you won't have to roam.... 

(David Frizzel, "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino")

You know, you'd think I could have had much more done by now in the way of redecorating the house.  Blaine finally finished painting the entire house in my favorite color, dark taupe (and don't let the yellowish color of these pics fool you---it's not yellow, it's taupe, dang it---but my stupid new camera can't seem to achieve the correct hue.)

(Blaine says it's-- as they say in Sprint lingo--"operator error".)  (To which I respond-- in Bo lingo-- "shut your pie hole".)

I mean, I have all the decorating things I need lying all over the place, the amount of which you'd think I'd be working six days till Sunday.  Plus I have access to Blaine's wallet to buy any other stuff I want.  And the only obstacles I really have is one or more stupid cats in my way.

(Note: all pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Look closely and you'll see an idiot cat.)

So what's my problem, you might ask?

The problem is that all I've been able to get decorated is my knitting nook...

...and the downstairs bathroom.

And now I have "redecorater's block".  I can't seem to proceed any further.

But do you see another....uh.... issue here?  It is the fact that I've only redecorated the bathroom and the knitting nook.  Add in the wide-screen TV, the near proximitiy of the kitchen, and the self-bean-grinding coffee pot we have--- and it would appear to be every knitter's dream of everything she or he would need to... er.... knit all day!!

I know, I know---it's tacky to put pics of a bathroom on my blog.  But I can't help it since, like I said, it's one of the few areas in here that I've completed and doesn't look as if a bomb went off in it.

Oh, I wanted to tell you.  See the framed doctor's prescription paper framed on the shelf above?  (You can see where it is in the whole scheme of things in the pic below.)  That is a doctor's prescription for "one pineapple pie".  Allow me to explain.

It was written by Dr. Sudip Bose, a wonderfully talented young doctor with whom I worked in an Emergency Room once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away.  It's written for a pineapple pie because I had bitched loudly for 2 solid hours on our shift that a patient had gotten a pineapple pie on their meal tray and I wanted one very badly for myself to no avail.  The hospital kitchen staff had tersely informed me that the damn pineapple pies were ONLY for the patients.

So, grinning widely, Dr. Bose had whipped out his prescription pad from his pocket and written me the script for a pineapple pie, heh!

I loved working with Dr. Bose.  He called me "Super Nurse" but I called him "Dr. Bose" even though he had asked me to call him Sudip.  (What can I say--I was trained for nursing in an old fashioned convent nursing school.)  Dr. Bose and I worked together extremely well.

Later on, Dr. Bose was called from Reserve status to Active Duty and went on to glory and heroism as a military combat physician in the war in Iraq, later writing two books about his experiences there.  (Link here.)  Dr. Bose was the doctor who treated Saddam Hussein when they pulled him out of the hidy hole where he was cowering.  Now Dr. Bose is a famous doctor.  Last I heard he was working as a trauma specialist in an Emergency Room in Chicago and doing the lecture circuit and book signings on the side.

(Click on the "Book" link in his website and it will momentarily fade to the pic of Dr. Bose' hands putting a tongue depressor in Saddam's mouth during the examination.)

Anyhoo, I framed the cute prescription he wrote me and there it sits......in the bathroom (see below).  And I have no idea why I put it there.

And I still want a pineapple pie.

Where was I?

Oh yes, my redecorating problems.

My mother asked for some updated pics of the garden so here are some of the ones I took.  Taking care of my garden feels as if I am constantly redecorating an entire "room."  (Notice how Mr. Inconsiderate Blaine leaves his damn painting tools on the umbrella table, ruining the garden's ambiance---so I took that stuff to the garage where it belongs.)

(Notice how I'm over-using parentheses, italics, and the word "damn"??.....)

Where was I?

Oh yes, working in the garden.

Okay, so I got a couple of indoor areas redecorated at the same time that I've also been working hard in my garden.  Of course, the little red radio to the left in the above picture is important because I enjoy listening to music while gardening.  But I have been forced to listen to country western music even though I'd rather listen to my oldies station.  That is because the country western station is the only station I can pick up on that damn radio.  Sigh...

I don't know if people from countries other than the USA know this, but a lot of us "southern" people call country western music "cryin' songs".  That is because most country western songs include descriptions of tragic relationships, bitter divorces, loss of belongings in said divorces, loss of good pick-up trucks, loss of good dogs, too much alcohol, and other things in life to get weepy about in San Antonio, Dallas, Santa Fe, Ft. Worth, and other places where divorces, pick-up trucks, and good dogs, etc. occur....

For example, when watering my petunias I frequently hear country western classics such as:

"Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses";

"I've got friends in low places";

"She got the palace and I got the Jeep";

"It must be five somewhere" ("five" meaning the pm hour when it's finally and respectively okay to begin drinking cocktails that day);

and the ever popular:

"You don't look so good since I stopped drinking".

One thing about "cryin' songs" is that you can always find yourself in one or more of them.  For example, for years my anthem was the heavy drinker's rationalization about how "it must be five somewhere"----but I had gotten that saying from my mother.  She used to sing it when she poured herself a beer at lunch.  And then I began to sing it when I was in the deep throes of my alcoholism while pouring myself a drink around the dang clock.  And we always lived in foreign countries while I was growing up so I figured my mom was just acknowledging the fact that we were in a different time zone than Louisiana.

I didn't realize it was actually a bonafide stupid country western song till last Wednesday while planting cuttings of a coleus plant.

And on another note (no pun intended), the thing about the "beer for my horses" song is this:

I would not be so stingy with my liquor.

If I had written that song and it was my choice about the booze, I would have sung: "Whiskey for my horses and Mouton Rothschild Cadet 1982 for me".

Fortunately for me, when I sobered up and began my recovery from alcoholism, Blaine was still gorgeous.  So I don't have to secretly hum the "you don't look so good since I stopped drinking" song.  I can actually sing that song like so:

"You look handsome whether I'm slobbering drunk or sober as a preacher, Blaine...."

(That IS a compliment, isn't it???)

Oh--- to change the subject---I just realized that I didn't write down the complete stanza of that song "I've got friends in low places".  It is:

"'Cause I've got friends in low places,
where the whiskey drowns
and the beer chases my blues away."

 I feel that these lyrics are self-explanatory.

Now, about the palace and the Jeep song.  In Blaine and my's case (is "my's" proper grammar?) when we divorced in 1997 I got the Jeep.  And I was damn glad to get it because it became the famous nurse-mobile I used for years while employed as a Road Nurse in Texas cattle country.  It gave me many blessings, especially that time it saved my life that time I was STUPID enough to drive it through a flash flood.  (Link here http://bohemianknitter.blogspot.com/search?q=McFly .) There's many of my stories listed there but the flash flood one is either a link in that list or else you can jump down to "So Are You Chicken, McFly?"

(That is all stuff from a portion of my old blog, upon which I blathered for years during the times I worked in the wild, wild west....)

Oh God......I just re-read all the stories on the above link and it triggered some awful flashbacks to past years, which is a symptom of my bipolar condition and also my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  The thing about my flashbacks is that they not only rocket me back to the good times but the bad times as well.  So let's forget about it and come back to my re-decorating of the house here in 2012...

I think I shall do the hall wall rounding the corner from the kitchen today.  I have an entire collection of chicken pictures I want to hang.  But not to worry---I shan't make the arrangement of chicken pictures look tacky.

(Yes, it's really true---I really do have a collection of chicken pictures.  I even have one picture of a leopard spotted chicken, heh.)

I shall do the wall in good taste.  Pics later...



  1. I love c/w music - especially the old stuff - like the R/R also - from the 50's & 60's in particular. I wasn't even born until 1959, but growing up, I didn't have a radio or stereo of my own, so I became to love what my mother played. Never did get into the music for my generation.

    Anyway - good luck with the decorating! I went shopping for a few groceries, bought 8 skeins of sock yarn & watched some bands play as they marched up Main St. to the fairgrounds. That is my limit to the KS State Fair! My 12 year old granddaughter was playing in the middle school band.

    1. Hi Cindy! You must be so proud of your granddaughter! I don't know why (because it upsets me) but I'm watching 911 specials on TV. (Started to cry over the jet that the passengers made crash into the ground.) I have also done some chores for decorating, like moving books, putting some shelves on a wooden chest. I also neatened up my knitting area...aaargh.

      Bo :)

    2. Bo - today is a mixed feelings day for me. First are my memories of 9/11/01 & the fact that an online friend lost her dh that day - he was on the 96th floor, I believe it was of Tower 1. Then 9/11/02 a friend married her dh who a few short weeks late passed away of cancer. 9/11/04 the 1st Williams family cousin that I met after my mom & I moved from St. Louis to KS with my step dad passed away in a truck accident just 1 hour from his home in OK. I keep playing it in my mind about how on Saturday January 19, 1985, after we had left the cemetery & as I gave him a hug & told him how sorry I was that his father had passed away, he made me promise him that I would never let anyone in the Williams family tell me that I wasn't just as much a member of the family as they were, even though I wasn't blood related! He, of all the cousins knew I was not. And that meant so very much to me. I didn't realize it until I got home that night, but that day I started the miscarriage of our 4th child. I lost it the following Monday. Johnny will forever be a big part of my life! So [[[HUGS]]] go out to you also today! Chin up! Try not to let it get you down too much! Keeping busy probably helps! Maybe find a knitting podcast to listen to! Two that I know of are Never Not Knitting & Knitter's Pipeline.

    3. Awww, Cindy, bless your heart. You have had a lot to deal with. Know that I am keeping you in my prayers. Oh, I finally stopped watching 911 stuff on TV today and just tended to my chores. Still got the breakfast dishes to do. (This house is such a mess that it looked exactly the same AFTER I vaccumed than it had before I vaccumed...)

      Bo :)

    4. Thanks Bo! I;m taking it easy today - do have a headache, but hopefully that will go away. Have a roast on cooking, even though it will just be me for dinner - Don is working a 15 hour shift today. Think I am about ready to bind off my grandson's socks. Then will start another pair.

  2. you must think we are all so gullible to but into that crap you keep spewing out

    take a look at your beautiful America before you start accusing others of being Anti-American

    your country doesn't even look after it's own but has no qualms about sticking their BIG USA NOSE into places it doesn't belong

    a Glock

    jesus save us all

    get real

    1. awww....bless your heart. You are one of the anti-American people I detest so much. I hope that Jesus really will save us all, as you said. He will in the end. I also hope that the light of Jesus Christ will send healing into your heart, and that you see the USA as the helper of all who wish freedom in the world. Ambassador Stevens was killed by the exact people that we helped in their overthrow of their dictator. And then they bite the hand that fed them. So if you call the USA "sticking it's nose in places it doesn't belong", remember that we give more foreign aid than any other country in the world. Even those countries who hate us. We are a humanitarian country and work hard to help other countries gain and keep their freedom.

      Oh, and screw you by the way!

  3. oh ouch

    did you get to keep your Glock?

    just wondering in case you wanted to do some Humanitrian work

  4. (fingers in my ears) La la la la la la la la la la la

  5. Oh, and also, you mispelled "humanitarian" incorrectly as Humanitrian". It's "humanitarian."