Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It just ain't fair.....

I'm not sure I can even write a coherent blog post today because Blaine and I both have the flu, dammit.  I felt increasingly worse and nauseated yesterday.  And on top of that my case manager made an unscheduled visit.  He is such a ding dong.  And then after he left I heard the garage door raise---and Blaine walked in saying: "I don't feel good".

I'll bet you dollars to donuts that Blaine has never taken a sick day all of his life.

Anyway, we struggled through the night, using Alka Seltzer, aspirin, Tylenol, Naproxen, and Pepto Bismol to no avail.  We still felt awful.  But I did fall into a deep sleep for once.

Today we are still sick as dogs and are just moaning around getting our stuff done.  I know it's early but I'm sipping Campbell's Soup (tomato).  It comforts me.

Oh, yesterday people were asking me about the little "cloths" I knit or crochet for the house.  Here's a pic of a "leopard"cloth I crocheted and then put 4 or 5 inch fringe on it.  I have these type of things all over the house.  They don't look like doilies, really.  I make them to match specific areas.

And here is another nook I've started to decorate (but not finished yet) for where I crocheted some light green and white cloths.

If I live through the consumption I'll write a better blog post.....


  1. Hope you both get to feeling better!

    1. THank you, Cindy! Today we felt better so I think we're going to live!
      Bo :)