Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There's Hinting....And There's "Hinting".....

I play games now but it's not fun,
A cowboy's work is never done...

("A Cowboy's Work is Never Done", Sonny & Cher)
(Well I guess from the above picture you can see that Peaches' work is certainly never done, the lazy little idgit.)

(Anyhoo, on with the blog post:)


I went to the dentist the other day and, as usual, his assistant got me settled in the torture exam chair.  So I went through the undignities of getting a bib put upon me, a doggie-bone shaped pillow behind my neck, and a 10,000 watt light bulb shined upon my face.

She and I chatted for a few minutes and then she changed the my knitting.  She remembered me once wearing The Little Red Riding Hoodie (on my old blog, link here) to an appointment.  We discussed how I love to knit with blindingly colorful combinations, aka psychedelic.  I told her the reason I knit thusly is because my philosophy has always been why knit a garment which looks like something you could buy at the store?  How original is that?  But then I also admitted to her that my psychiatrist and therapist have instructed me that my disease of Bipolar is the reason for my "eclectic" taste in colors.  (To which I replied: "Good Lord, you're telling me my knitting is a 'symptom' of a disease?  Fooey on that!")

Therapists reasonings aside, she agreed with me on that point.  And then she said it..... and every knitter I know would feel the same way......

She said:  "I sure would love a pair of handknitted socks from you!"

LORD HAVE MERCY!  I wanted to scream!  AAAACK!  Was that a hint or what?!?!

When the knitting part of my brain unscrambled, I didn't commit to her request---I said tentatively: "Oh yeah, I should knit you a pair.....someday...."  But it took every ounce of self control I had not to tell her that I definitely would actually knit her a pair of socks.  I mean, I'm trying to knit Zariski right now and I want to finish it soon---so I don't want to have an actual commitment to do other knitting.

So I went home un-committed..... but it bothered me.  It bothered me for a couple of days.  And I know that you knitters will understand what I did next.

I cast on for a pair of socks for her and am knitting like crazy so they'll be finished by next Tuesday, my next dentist appointment.  The only problem is the picture below of the socks in question.  The orange of the cuff doesn't look like it in the picture but in real life it is exactly the same shade of the orange as the orange spots in the yarn of the leg.  I promise you that everything matches in real life.

I hate it when cameras don't show "true" colors!!

Anyway, that "hole" in the left sock's leg is my own made up way of making a slit for an after-thought heel.  I devised this way to do it because I absolutely abhor using waste yarn and then having to snip it later and "catch" the live stitches on needles across from each other.  I just can't stand it, I tell you.  Can't stand it.  This way I don't get an ulcer by having to do it the other way.

Anyway, I regret putting the Zariski down for a week but I simply can't refuse this request from a very nice girl.  Also, yesterday, for some stupid reason I FORGOT MY PURSE IN A SHOPPING CART at Target!  You can imagine my panic since I didn't discover the blunder till I drove all the way at home.  I tore ass at breakneck speed, back to Target, praying to the Lord all the way.  There was almost $700 in my purse as well as my cell phone.  When I got to Target I pelted inside---and found that an unknown stranger had given my purse to Lost-And-Found.  I almost cried with relief.

And I told The Lord then and there that I would pass on His blessing by doing random acts of kindness in return for His providing the kind and honest angel of a stranger who had saved my purse.

So now I'm knitting like crazy so that I finish the pair by next Tuesday.  I don't normally knit at a breakneck speed.  I knit "casually".  But this time (as on last Christmas Eve with glitter socks for my niece) I am knitting a pair as fast as I can.  Blaine commented:  "What's the big deal?  I've seen you crank out a sock in a day."  To which I replied:  "Those were HOUSE SOCKS!  Made with thick yarn and thick needles!" 

(Oh well, he's a non-knitter so he definitely doesn't understand...)

Anyhoo, wish me luck.....

(Update on my medical situation:  So far the breast surgeon's office hasn't called me about the MRI that the radiologist recommended.  I know they have to check with my insurance to see if they'll pay for it.  But I'm confident that there is no serious problem since they probably would have called me by now if it was.  Maybe it really is as the radiologist said---that no cancer was seen on the ultrasound.  Maybe they really are just benign masses.  I hope....)


  1. I take it that the twirly skirt won't be shown for a while since you now have socks to knit as well as well as the Berroco Zariski! I do hope the sweater isn't supposed to be a rush job.
    It is very nice to know there are some honest people left in the world. What a wonderful personl.
    Very glad to see Peaches is being true to form!
    Happy knitting. BTW, do you sleep at all? LOL

    1. Hi Sandy! Yes, I will have to delay the twirly skirt, even though it's really fun to knit. Yes, I was so relieved that an honest person retrieved my purse--bless her! And about sleep....I may be delaying my usual early bedtime this week!