Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Call for Prayers

I know the Good Lord sent his angels to retrieve the souls of the poor little children who were killed in Newtown.... 

I cannot even fathom the grief and anguish the families of the victims are going through.  And I know that the town itself is grieving over this horrific tragedy.  We should pray very hard for all of them.  I have not stopped crying since the news broke the story. 

I expecially cried when I heard about the young little teacher who herded her kids into the closet and then stood outside the closet to bravely block the bullets with her body.  There were so many acts of heroism that day.

Let us pray to the Good Lord that He sends His angels to comfort the victims' families.  And also that He blesses the town itself, in order to promote healing for them after this horrendous tragedy in a place where they felt so safe.

Help them all, dear Lord....


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