Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keeping Busy till January 8th


...And walk with me hand in hand, ya-ha
And talk with me you got a plan, ah-ha
And hold me, and hold me
Don't stop... in the faraway nearby
Can you here me call?

("The Faraway Nearby", Cyndi Lauper)

Well, it's all decided.  The plastic surgeon is going to do a "bilateral mastopexy (link mastopexy) with bilateral implants. I am scheduled for January 8th.  Lord, I wish I could get it done sooner so I don't have to think about it.  This all must be done to reconstruct my breast due to the gradual enlargement of the problems in my breasts.  The thought of it scares me to death.  I sure wish I didn't have to go through this major surgery but I have no choice, in light of the complications of my old breast augmentation where there is scar tissue and encapsulation contractures....

Tomorrow I go to "try on boobs".  But my question is how would you know what size you want when you're trying them on over your existing boobs?  The nurse said "You will have to 'guess' slightly bigger than what you want".  Oh great.  What if I choose the wrong one and then wake up from surgery with Dolly Parton boobies?  That would be a disaster.  Oh well, I got tomorrow and maybe that will be done so that I know what I should get....I hope.

I've been trying to keep busy.  One thing is that I'm working on the Twirly Skirt but you can't really tell how ruffled and pleated it will be because it's on a 45" circular needle.  That top edge is a casing for elastic.

Also, I've been finishing up the downstairs re-decorating.  I finally finished the pothanger rack.

And then I finished the desk nook.  It's on one wall of the dining room but that's the only place we could put it up.  But it looks alright in person.

Then I finished the "leopard nook" which Lu-Lu seems to like.

Then I finished my knitting nook---what a mess!

Then I hung the authentic African masks.  I didn't know where else to put them.

Oh well.  It's difficult to wait till January 8th because it's such a long time to comtemplate the surgery and the possible complications....but onwards I plunge....