Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Speaking of Ballerina Movies....


Lermontov: Why do you want to dance?
Vicky: Why do you want to live?
Lermontov: Well, I don't know exactly why, but... I must.
Vicky: That's my answer too.
("The Red Shoes" film)


I must still be subconsciously thinking I'm a ballerina....

Because I just noticed that the socks I'm currently knitting for myself are so dang red that they remind me of the 1948 movie "The Red Shoes" (link here).  God, that sock is so blazingly red that it practically blinds me--and it just about blew out the camera lens...

Okay, here's my solemn promise:

I will not talk about ballet again till Christmas, when my favorite ballet is being performed.  (And if only I could get Blaine to take me to see it one Christmas---but he absolutely refuses to go to a rather formal event like a ballet at The Kansas City Ballet.....)

Durn his hide.....

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