Monday, October 22, 2012

Bo's Cat Cam 10/22/12. Impression: DEFCON 2

She comes out of the sun in a silk dress
running like a watercolor in the rain,
Don't bother asking for explanations,
She'll just tell you that she came
in the year of the cat....

("Year of the Cat", Al Stewart)

(Click on pics to enlarge)
"Make yourselves at home.  Can I get you guys a Coke, a footstool or something?"

"Is this supposed to confuse me?"

"Are you dreaming of your yoga class?"

"It must be a tiring life as the smallest kitten in a 3-cat household...."

"While I certainly appreciate the present, I don't know who to thank for it---because each of you needs forgiveness for something or other...."

"What, Peaches?  Asleep again?  Are you dreaming of how you're going to aggravate me the next time?  (Or, is it as I suspect--- you're just flat out lazy.....)"

"Peaches!  Do you do anything but sleep?"

"Glad to see y'all bonded finally...."


Below is an updated pic of Peaches in her still developing coloring.  If you saw the pic of her tiny little self a few weeks ago you would have seen that she, like all Ragdolls, was born white---with those famous blue eyes.  The literature said that a Ragdoll's coloring only develops to its full extent by age 2 or 3 years.  We are seeing changes by the month.  (The dark spot in the right eye is part of her coloring there.  The dark spot in the more whitish left eye is "sleepy stuff".  Poor little thing had to endure some scrubbing in the right eye by Blaine until he figured out that it was simply her coloring there....)  

After getting her examined and getting her papers done, her official breed coloring is a "Seal Tortie Point Bi-color" Ragdoll.  Everybody who sees her is completely enchanted by her beauty and I practically have to drag her out of their arms because they don't want to put her down.  I was scolding her for something the other day and Blaine said: "How can you get angry with a face like that?"  He was right---it's very difficult!!  Unfortunately, this has made her so spoiled that she practically runs the house!



  1. awwwww
    so sweet
    I love cats!

    to cute

    I used to have an all black kitty, she looked just like yours

    great post!



  2. so happy to see pictures of the kitties. I have been anxiously awaiting one on Peaches.

    1. Thank you, Jalia!!! (Peaches says hi, too!)

  3. I love the photos of the felines. They are all adorable. I have always had at least one pure black cat and am partial to them but Peaches is absolutely adorable. Would love to nuzzle that belly....

    1. Hi Sandy! I love all cats, too, especially black ones. I don't know why the lady at the Humane Shelter says they're the hardest to adopt out. The only problem with our black kitties is that they don't photograph well---everything sort of blends in so that you can't see the details! Peaches is a definitely a cutie---and she'd LOVE for you to play with her. The only thing about her is that when she sits in your lap you can't just pet her---you have to look her right in the eyeballs to prove" you're paying attention to her. If you look away to type on the computer keyboard or something, she'll get mad and meow really loud. So you HAVE to look at her!

      Bo :)

    2. Peaches sounds like a very demanding Princess! I guess it didn't take long for her to "train" you?

    3. Sandy you're exactly right!! She did "train" us!