Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Answer to the Question

I was going to say this all complicated but I erased it.  Because it's really not complicated. 

A lot of people have been asking me if the Yarn Harlot ever accepted my apology and "forgave" me.  The simple answer is this:

No.  She did not accept my apology.  She felt my sin was too great.  And also that she did not forgive me.

A friend of hers told me her exact words.  They were not pretty.

But I have a clean conscience because I did my part.  AA says that apologizing means that I have "cleaned my half of the street".  Whether or not she accepts my apology is immaterial.  I apologized and asked forgiveness.  That is all God ever wanted me to do and so I am at peace. 

And so, all I'm going to say forevermore is this:

I tried.



  1. Devil's advocate here (and you know I love you dearly and understand you totally). Maybe she has readers who peruse her comments and that was one that didn't get through (in more ways than one). Maybe she is trying to format a gracious reply. Maybe....well, I don;t know how many maybe I can come up with but the real heart of the matter is that you did a good 8th step and that's that with that. As long as your side of the street is clean, you're good. According to the First Book of Chloe.

    1. Thanks, Chloe---You're right, I was trying to do a good 8th step. And, as AA tells me, an apology doesn't always end as positively as one hopes. But I do wish her happiness and good fortune.