Friday, October 5, 2012

I Can Finally See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel....

Don't think sorry's easily said,
Don't try turning tables instead,
You've taken lots of chances before,
But I ain't gonna give anymore...

("Eye in The Sky", Alan Parsons Project)

I really hope I'm not boring you to death by putting up more pics of the ongoing re-decorating I'm doing of the house-- but I've continued working and have done a couple more things to fine-tune.  I'm getting closer and closer to completing the entire decor of the 1st floor.  I still have to put window treatments on the living room windows.  And I've got to hang the pictures of my father over Blaine's desk area.  And I need to get said desk area fixed up also.

Blaine's not happy with all the plants around the house but I had to bring in all plants which can grow indoors in order to save them from a coming freeze this weekend.  I like plants in the house anyway.  But I need to remember today to go outside and take more coleus cuttings from the giant potted coleus by the BBQ and also some from the one in the windowbox on the railing above it .  Coleus cuttings to me are "free plants".

I wish I could bring that damn behemoth coleus in but I know Blaine won't let me.  And I can't bring the windowbox thing inside either.  So I will most likely be a bad girl and sneak the big potted one into the house and put it in the studio upstairs---that room is not re-decorated yet and Blaine never goes in there anyway.  That room has tons of light and I will enjoy the plant's beauty in the room where I will ultimately make jewelry and stuff.

Anyway, Blaine had bought three new appliances that are stainless steel recently--- a frig, a stove, and a dishwasher.  Below is the new stainless steel stove and frig.   I got it all set up and organized.   I put a little magnetized message center on the side of the fridge.  It's got notepads and pens so that we can write things down for the grocery list as we go.  Blaine hates the stainless steel burner protectors that I keep on the oven's cooktop but that cooktop is flat and made of glass-- and I want it protected as much as possible.  Like in case some idiot cat gets up there---I don't want it scratched. 

We're going to do something about that light fixture above the stove but we don't know yet.  We'll probably get a stainless steel over-hang thing to put there.

Next is a pic of the carpet and area rug I laid down in the dining room and kitchen for those rooms to segue into each other.  I think I achieved that---I hope.  (Those umpteen objects on the floor by the kitchen rug are all cat food dishes---and they certainly don't do much for the decor....)

And last but not least is the pic of my little Confederate soldier standing guard on the fireplace hearth.  (I keep him around to remind me that The South Will Rise Again....)




  1. your house is coming along really nicely!

    you must be close to finished?

    I aslo have red accents in my kitchen, it's cheerful right!

    very nice!


  2. Thank you, Robin!! I still have a bunch of things to do but I'm getting closer. Blaine says he'll paint the master bedroom/bath when I finally get done down here.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Cindy!! Thank you very much! Today I bought some light pastel green cushions for the dining room chairs so I can get rid of the ones I have right now that don't match very well. I also went to the Dollar Store and got three green baskets to put on the wall in the dining room, since it's decorated with green. (Love those Dollar Stores!)