Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knitting by the Seat of My Pants....

Here's my progress on my current knitting project "Zariski" by Norah Gaughan.

I am following the directions exactly, but I haven't yet arrived at a point where I understand how the pattern will develop into the pics below (the 2 pics below are Norah Gaughan's design---my progress picture is below these two):


It is a seamless garment and so I still don't quite understand.  (It's not the pattern's fault--it's because I'm a goofball).  There are 2 rows of 4 squares---but the diagram in the pattern doesn't show you how it's all put together at the end...yikes!!!  Since you pick up stitches for each square, in a certain way, maybe the end will call for the squares to be knitted onto each other.  The particular square I'm on now called for picking up stitches on the left side of a finished square, square 2, on the left side of squares 1 and 2---and then to cast on the stitches for the other 3 sides of the square.  So this square is kind of hanging out there but if you look at the designer's picture, it looks like there will be a flared out pleat.....

And the final square, square 8, is going to go on the right side of all the squares up there.

Don't worry--I'm going to put more red in it, probably on the border.

And I sure hope I'm doing this correctly.  If not, I'm going to be doing a lot of frogging to save all the yarn.



  1. BO
    That does look rather complicated but it is a very cool sweater
    I also love norah's patterns, I would have to read it through to understand the makeup
    and regarding your home dec, we all like different things and our home is OUR home and how we chose to make our nest is personal and what makes up feel at home and safe and cozy. My sister-in-law hates my place but I could care less , it's our home and we are comfortable that is all that matters.

    I happen to like your use of colour and fabrics and the way you have displayed pieces that have meaning to you, that you have collected in your travels. Wonderful!

    Good luck with your sweater, look forward to seeing more!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Cindy! I think I made a mistake as to where a square was supposed to go but I'll try to figure that one out today. It seems I looked at the diagram wrong---because the booklet had the diagrams of how the squares were spaced horizontally instead of the correct way of vertically! Aaargh! If I get mad enough at the way things are on this pattern, I'll just finish it my own way, which would be perfectly possible with the way things are. I just know Berocco placed that diagram sideways to save space. It would have had to be put on another page if they printed it the correct way. I feel like emailing them a complaint! And it's a big deal to me since this yarn was so very expensive and is discontinued!